Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures

Glass Shower Doors & Shower Enclosures

FGD | OSS glass shower doors are available in both frameless and semi-frameless options, with bypass, pivot, and sliding glass shower door styles.

Custom decorative glass, sizing, glass shower layout, and glass thickness is available based on your glass shower enclosure needs.

Complete the look with custom decorative glass, shower hardware finishes, and handles.

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Introducing stylish glass showers that meets the demands of guests that frequent five star resorts and hotels around the world.
Download our glass shower lookbook and learn about our vast array of glass shower enclosures, decorative glass option , layouts, handles, and hardware finishes.

Shower Door Options

Choose from a variety of shower door styles to meet the needs and dimensions of your bathroom:

Glass Shower Enclosure

A glass shower enclosure is all of the parts that surrounds your shower featuring all of the glass panels, header system or pivots, and handles. Glass shower enclosures can either offer pivot doors or sliding doors and have a frameless design or framed.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

One of the most desired looks in high end hotels and homes, the frameless glass shower door systems feature a fixed panel and either a pivot or sliding glass shower door. The frameless design offers clearer sight lines and no bulky borders of metal surrounding your glass shower.

Pivot Glass Shower Doors

Pivot glass showers are one of the most common types of glass showers on the market. Sleek, stylish, and comes with plenty of options. Pivot glass showers come in frameless and framed designs.

Single Sliding Glass Shower Doors

If you’re low on space or want something that’s sleek and easy to operate, a sliding glass shower door is perfect. One of the most sought after functions of glass showers is the sliding feature.

Dual By-Pass Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Dual By-Pass Shower Doors are essentially two independent sliding doors that make up the shower enclosure. They are able to function separately from each other and by-pass leaving only a small gap between them. This is perfect for projects where the shower head may appear on any side of the shower when installing in hotels and also leaves door preference up to the guest.

Glass Shower Tips

In addition to selecting the right shape of the shower door to fit your project’s bathroom space, you will be faced with the following options:

  • Glass Type: Choose from clear, textured, or patterned glass.
  • Hardware: The right hardware can accentuate your doors beautifully, whether you choose brass, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, or sleek chrome.
  • Accessories: Chosen for convenience as well as aesthetics, accessories might include a towel bar as well as a variety of handle options

A new shower door can produce a completely different look to your bathroom project overall. To learn more about your choices in shower doors, hardware and accessories, contact the experts at FGD Glass Solutions. We are ready to help you take your bathroom project to the next beautiful level.

Glass Shower Enclosure Overview

Glass showers are fabricated specifically for each project
Shower hardware crafted from stainless steel and aluminum for years of durability
Glass shower doors are offered in low-iron and standard clear
Glass showers fit openings from 48″ – 60″
Custom glass shower layouts available
Glass shower doors thicknesses range from 3/16″ to 3/4″
Shower handle options are available with a matching towel bar or as a handle/towel bar combo
All glass shower doors are compatible with any of our decorative glass patterns and services

Shower Hardware Finish Options

Shower Handle Options

Shower Mounting Options

Hardware Finishes

Left to Right
Brushed Metal
Flat Black
Custom Finishes Available


Left to Right/Top to Bottom
D Pull
Square Mitered Pull
Ladder Pull
D Pull Combo
Square Mitered Pull Combo

Handle Sizes


Towel Bar Sizes


Mounting Hardware

Left to Right/Top to Bottom
Beveled Clip
Square Clip
U Channel

Glass Types

Tempered and Laminated Versions of Standard Clear, Low Iron, and Acid Etched

Shower Kit Parts

Header: This is the top bar that the glass panels slide across.

Sliders: These or more pieces have wheels that slide across the header hardware. They are attached to the glass panels and lock around the header.

Handle and Towel Bar: Handles are offered in a variety of styles and will match the rest of your hardware finish. You can choose between a handle, handle and optional matching towel bar, or a handle/towel bar combo.

Mounting Hardware: These pieces attach your retaining glass panels to your wall structure. Options include a square mount, beveled edge mount, or a U-Channel mount. These pieces also match your hardware finish.

Shower Builder CTA

Design Your Own Glass Shower Enclosure

Design the perfect shower for your project with our Glass Shower Builder. Every job is unique, so why settle for a generic shower?
Stop designing and planning around an object. Instead, design your pieces to fit exactly into your space just like you imagine.

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