Carved LED Glass inside the NCAA College football hall of fame

Glass Signs

Portray sleek, upscale, and stylish branding and wayfinding with glass signs

Extend your brand, wayfinding or message across a glass backdrop, perfect for room numbers, theater houses, along with bathroom and exit signs. For institutions, glass signs are a great way to show off a list of donors, inductees, and other lists of recognition.

Our glass signs are crafted in-house to your specs and design needs including custom direct-to-glass printing, colorful in-filling, glass vinyl film, and etched glass. To finish it off, light up your glass sign with our LED edge lit glass option. Add a strong focus point to your brand or message when you illuminate your sign in thousands of colors and lighting patterns all controlled from a wireless remote.

We offer glass signs in a variety of options including the below:

  • Choose various glass thicknesses
  • low-iron or standard clear glass types
  • mounting hardware styles and finishes
  • corner radius, and more

Let us help you design the perfect glass sign for your needs.

Glass Sign Features

Glass Sign Mounting Hardware

All of our glass signs can be mounted in a number of ways.


Our concealed z-clip helps keep your hardware hidden and allows the glass panel to slightly float in front of the wall.

Stand-off Mounts

Our stand-off mounts, the edge grip and the stand-off are sleek, modern, visible glass mounts and hold the glass panels about an inch from the wall surface.

All of our glass sign hardware is available in the following:

  • Polished stainless steel
  • Brushed nickel
  • Matte black


LED Edge Lit U-Channel

Our LED edge lit U-Channel mounts are applied to either the sides or top and bottom of the glass panel. Our exclusive LED lights are embedded within the U-Channel and the glass panel sits slightly above them allowing light to pass through the glass sign. The whole system is then mounted to your wall. This is the only compatible hardware for LED edge lighting.

The specific size of your glass sign will dictate how many mounts you need. Our team will review your project with you and help you decide which glass hardware will be best for your unique situation and needs.