Glass Whiteboards in the Office – Now A Creative Staple?

Glass whiteboards have shown a boost in productivity and company culture. But what about the cool colors, scratch resistance, bacteria resistant tough tempered glass? Lear about why you need glass whiteboards in your office.

We are in an exciting era. Visual Creatives are breaking the mold of the traditional office design and work flow. Designers are globally connected to new and fresh inspiration for projects faster than ever before. Now that collaboration has breached the cubicle walls, where does it want to hang out? According to Google Ventures, it needs a War Room centered around glass whiteboards.

Creatives in professional industries have known for some time the need to focus creative talent into real work. Their efforts to revamp the work space to promote creativity are paying off. Furniture manufacturers are finally getting to see their ideas come to the modern workplace in real time to support this creative uprising. And here is where a “war room” comes into play.

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If you want to wrestle those masterful ideas into polished projects, make a space for it to happen. Give yourself, your team, your clients a dedicated area to be successful; it’s that simple. From our clients we have heard of some exciting and dynamic methods to develop this space. The number one recommendation for a collaborative canvas is: Glass whiteboards in the office. A wonderfully massive, glass wall covering from floor to ceiling.

If you are designing a space for collaboration, do not leave this area out. Sure, you might need to adjust for the scale of your location, but there are ways to make a glass whiteboard in the office work. A lot of creatives I know are addicted to the tactility of the pen and paper; and for good reason. Physically writing enhances memory, focus, and brain activity– all very important to getting work done.

Glass whiteboards are also a great solution for the rapid prototyping that is now prevalent. Have an idea– write it down.  Does it suck– erase it.  You happen to be an idea factory– keep going! Cover the walls and paint the town! Just don’t forget that an area like I describe is for collaboration, you don’t want to be known as “the wall hog”. If you have that much creative genius seeping out of you, maybe work to get your own personal  wall glass whiteboard in the office

Start your ideas fresh, homegrown, and organic. Use a space where ideas can take shape un-pixelated and unchallenged by a legal pad. Of course as they mature and blossom into award winning projects your trusty glass whiteboard will be standing by, waiting for your next big idea.

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