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Barn Door Panels

We Have The Perfect Barn Door Style For Your Design

Our Barn Door Panels are fabricated to your specs in a range of styles and finishes for any project. Incorporate our Decorative Glass products for a barn door as unique as your designs.

glass and wood barn door panels

Our range of barn door panels lets you choose from of an array of styles, so you’ll find exactly the right solution for your next project. Choose from our selection of stunning wood frames with frosted glass or mirror inserts or sleek all-glass panels. We also offer multiple finishes for our wood barn door panels, giving you the choice of a rustic clear finish, a wood stain to suit any interior, or a range of colorful painted panels or frames.

Our glass barn doors are offered in a variety of styles, from mirror doors to fully frosted designs. Add color to your space with our back-painted glass barn doors, or add a distinctive custom style with our printed glass option. View our range of stunning etched and frosted glass barn door panels, offering a great way to enable light transfer through an interior, while still providing privacy or the ability to hide the contents of a closet. 

Create a unique style for any interior with our laminated glass and glass printing options, allowing you to print custom designs on your glass panels. Our suite of decorative glass patterns are also available to apply to any of our glass barn doors.

And to add the finishing touches to your barn door installation, we have a complete range of barn door hardware to suit any interior, from rustic to classic, to sleekly modern. [Insert link to page when complete] 

Talk to FGD about your next project and we’ll help you find the perfect barn doors to suit your needs.

Wood Barn Door Panels

wooden sliding barn door

Our wooden barn door panels are offered in a variety of styles and finishes. From traditional shaker and rustic styles to more modern and clean designs. Finishes range from a clear finish to showcase the raw wood underneath for a natural look to dark stains and colorful paints.

Combine our wood barn door panels with our decorative glass options. Integrate frosted glass or mirror inset panels within the wooden frame. Select from back-painted, printed, frosted, or mirror options to create a unique piece for your space. All of our barn doors are compatible with our hardware options allowing you to mix hardware and barn door options so you can find that perfect look for your environment. Choose your barn door hardware finish and handle style to polish off your look.

Richmond Reeded Barn Door Panel

Richmond Textured Glass Barn Door​

Allerton Printed Barn Door Panel

Allerton Printed Barn Door​

Lancasater Barn Door Panel

Lancaster Barn Door​

Barnwell Barn Door Panel

Barnwell Barn Door​

Highgrove Back Painted Barn Door

Highgrove Back Painted Barn Door​

Sussex Frosted Barn Door Panel

Sussex Frosted Barn Door​

Somerset Laminated Barn Door Panel

Somerset Laminated Barn Door​

Kensington Mirror Inset Barn Door Panel

Kensington Mirror Barn Door​

Glass Barn Door Panels

mirrored sliding barn door

At FGD, we specialise in the supply of decorative glass barn door panels to hospitality, commercial and corporate projects. Our range of architectural glass provides our clients with so many stunning options, you’ll be sure to find exactly the right glass barn door solution for your needs. 

Choose from a mind-boggling array of decorative panel options, including mirrors, etched or frosted glass, Decorlite back-painted glass, laminated glass, glass film and custom printed glass, to name just a few. Each offers a distinctive solution to your architectural glass requirements. Whether you need barn doors to suit a modern commercial interior or to complement an edgy hospitality venue, you’ll discover the perfect decorative glass style for you at FGD.

Select from our library of decorative glass patterns and we’ll apply them to your sliding glass barn doors via our etching, film, print or lamination options. Or we can print the glass with full color images, graphics or patterns to create an amazing focal point for your interior. We also offer tempered glass panels in standard clear, low iron, frosted, mirror and antique mirror, giving you even more exciting options to choose from. Really, the sky’s the limit!  

ImagVue printed glass barn door

ImageVue Printed Glass Panel​

reed textured glass barn door

Textured Glass Panel

frosted glass barn door

Frosted Glass Panel

mirrored glass barn door view

Mirror Glass Panel

laminated glass barn door

Laminated Glass Panel​

back painted glass barn door aqua

Decorlite Back Painted Panel

GridVue Barn Door Panels

Grid Barn Door matte black

For high-end style combined with sleek functionality, you can’t go past the eye-catching GridVue series of barn doors. Featuring a modern grid pattern over glass, the GridVue barn door fits perfectly in an urban, industrial environment, or a more contemporary polished setting, such as a commercial office or corporate headquarters. 

Of the two GridVue barn doors to choose from, the Buckingham has metal vertical and horizontal mullions over an oversized glass panel, while the Windsor offers a printed grid pattern on glass. Both offer flexibility and versatility in terms of the grid pattern or height, hardware finishes [insert link to page when complete], print colours and choice of glass panels. 

With its simple grid design, the GridVue barn door lets you be creative in terms of the glass you use, whether it’s frosted or etched, back-painted in a bright color, or laminated with a custom design to suit your project. This versatility makes the GridVue a perfect option for fitouts that demand a high degree of individuality and style, alongside the functionality that is synonymous with FGD’s barn doors.

GridVue Buckingham Barn Door Panel

GridVue Buckingham Barn Door​

GridVue Windsor Barn Door Panel

GridVue Windsor Barn Door​

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