Decorlite Back-Painted Glass Barn-Door

Back-Painted Glass Barn Door
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Add color to your space with our Decorlite back-painted barn-door glass panel. Use any of our back-paint colors, or submit a custom color to match your design.

Points of Interest

  • No assembly required
  • Panel only. Hardware not included
  • Compatible with any of our hardware options
  • Compatible with any of our decorative glass services like etching and lamination
  • Compatible with any handle and lock options
  • Glass panel can be visible from one or both sides
Barn Door Size Width: 24″-42″, Height: 80″-96″
Door Thickness 5/8″ to 1/2″
Opening Size Width: 20″-48″, Height: 78″-94″”
Material Wood & Glass
Glass Types Clear, Frosted, Mirror, Laminated, Film, Printed, Back-Painted
Barn Door Hardware Included No
Door Finishes White, Walnut, Pine, Unfinished
Warranty 100,000 Cycles – 3 Years
Minimum Order 25

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