Rustic Bent Strap Barn Door Hardware

Rustic Bent Face Mount Barn Door Hardware
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The Rustic Bent Strap Face Mount offers a classic, rustic charm complimenting any door panel style and space.

Points of Interest

  • Hardware only – No panel, lock, or handle included
  • Compatible with any of our barn door panels
  • Various hardware finishes available
  • Compatible with any handle and lock options
  • For wood barn door panels only
Material Steel
Finishes Flat Black, Dark Grey, Charcoal, Polished Stainless, Brushed Stainless,
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Track Length Dependent on opening size
Rollers Size 2.15″
Parts Included Bar, Rollers, Wall Mounts, Screws, Floor Guide, Anti-Jump Disk, Stops
Handle Not Included
Lock Not Included
Warranty 100,000 Cycles – 3 Years
Minimum Order 25

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