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Lighted Mirrors

Add another point of luxury in your environment. Lighted mirrors offer a touch of sophistication while also adding an alternate lighting source for any space. Also, using an Eco-friendly silvering process in conjunction with energy efficient LED lighting, these mirrors reduce waste and are environmentally sound. Our mirrors are also waterproof adding to its already tough tempered glass design that won’t fog up thanks to our defogging option on select models.


Lighted Mirrors Specs and Information

• Eco-Friendly Mirror Silvering • Custom Sizes Available
• Framed and Frameless Designs • Various Standard Sizes for Each Mirror
• Efficient LED or T5 Lighting • Touch Sensor Button Available
• 3000k – 6000k Temperature  • Defogger Option
• UL Certified • 3′ Power Cable or Hardwire Option

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