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LED Lit Mirrors

LED mirrors are becoming a popular choice in contemporary design. LED lights are excellent from a practical point of view in that they’re energy efficient and last a long time.  They also light a room more evenly than a single overhead fixture, making them ideal for a bathroom mirror or vanity where you want to know what you’ll look like when you go out. LED mirrors are also a great energy efficient alternate light source if you need to brighten up a dark space.

From a design standpoint, LED lights are also wonderfully flexible. You can integrate them so that the lighting is no longer a focal point in the space.  Alternatively, you can feature them prominently or even backlight a mirror to create an even greater sense of drama.  How you style an LED mirror can change the entire feel of a room.

Features and Styling Options

We craft our LED mirrors using an eco-friendly silvering process. This in combination with the energy efficiency of LED lighting makes them an environmentally sound choice for your projects. 

Our lighted mirrors are naturally a great choice for bathrooms.  They’re waterproof, with a tough tempered glass design. Some models also feature a handy defogging option and touch sensor buttons. 

LED mirrors can also look great elsewhere in your home, office, and beyond.  Let us help you innovate with the custom sizes, shapes, and additional decorative effects we have available.  FGD Solutions has UL Certified lighted mirror options in LED or T5 lighting with both framed or frameless designs.

Lighted Mirrors Overview

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Download Our Lighted Mirror Lookbook

Still looking for that perfect combination of features? Download our lighted mirror lookbook, which features all models, styling options, and extras.  Have something else in mind? We’re always eager to discuss custom designs, so please get in touch.


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