The New FGD | OSS Sample Kit and Decorative Glass Patterns

We are very excited to introduce our new sample box & brochures! After testing it out at trade shows last year, the sample box resonated very well with experts across hospitality and design.
Over the past year, we have worked hard to replace our old, tired sample box. We found it to be very unengaging, boring, and a hassle to work with. No wonder it was hiding in closets of sample libraries, unopened.

Looking for Inspiration?

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Our new Decorative Glass Sample Box comes full of 36 glass samples containing our etched, laminated, printed, film, and back-painted samples along with antique mirrors and glass whiteboards.

It’s Not Just Another Box

Capable of storing up to 36 samples via the 3 drawer system, the box is attractive enough to keep on a desk or in your library. Also, when new samples are released, you’ll get a new drawer to replace an older one or keep it to the side. To the side of the box is a storage area for our books and other materials such as larger samples.

Sample Box Brochure

Brand New Brochures & Print Information

We also revamped our brochures. One for decorative glass and another for our glass products like showersbarn-doors, and mirrors. These brochures feature images from our whole decroative glass library, design ideas, and spec’d projects, full information of every product, and specs for every decorative glass sample.

What good is a sample vehicle without the samples?

We have revamped our whole sample library and have created brand new decorative glass samples! With heavy input from the A+D field, we have created a library based around current and future styles along with the needs of the design industry. We have 32 new new patterns and designs, 36 new water-based low VOX back-paint colors, along with samples that show our glass service prowess like glass etchinglaminatingprinting, back-painting, and films. We’ve also included a dozen new antique mirror patterns and our Remarkable Glass Whiteboards.

A strong focus has been put on our patterns to allow for complete creative control by the designer. Choose your glass service like etching or lamination, scale, rotation, color, and more. Use our patterns and services to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for your project.

What You Can Expect In Your Sample Kit

  • Etched Glass Patterns
  • Colorful Back-Painted Samples
  • Laminated Wood, Cloth, Film, Stone & Color Films
  • Printed Images and Graphics
  • Glass Films
  • Antique Mirrors
  • Gradients
  • Glass Whiteboards

Find out what makes our decorative glass unique!

Explore the samples in our sample kit including our very own exclusive designs. Request your sample kit today.