Project Description

NASA Apollo Restoration Printed Glass

NASA Restored Apollo Mission Control Room Restoration

The NASA Restored Apollo Mission Control Room Restoration at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX was unveiled on June 1st, 2019. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing, NASA decided to renovate the Apollo Mission Control Center in Houston to its former glory.

The effort was led by iconic NASA flight director Gene Kranz, who helmed the Apollo 11 mission, the Apollo 13 mission (“Houston, we have a problem.”), and more. It took him and NASA five years of fundraising and two years of restoration.

FGD Glass Solutions | On-Site Systems was honored to provide the decorative printed glass panels featuring historical images of the Apollo Missions. Gene Kranz said the glass & images is his favorite part of the restoration.

Project Details

  • Market: Government
  • Location: Johnson Space Center
  • Designer: Stern and Bucek Architects


  • Custom ImageVue Printed Glass

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