Project Description

Etched World of Coca Cola

World of Coca-Cola

Twenty years ago, FGD | OSS , designed and built the 24-foot Coke bottle for the original World of Coca-Cola, Now, they’ve etched a two-story logo for the World of Coca Cola.

After helping Coca-Cola with their massive glass bottle from the original World of Coca-Cola, FGD | OSS was tapped to etche the famous logo into steel mesh for the new Coca-Cola museum that opened in 2008.

The design involved a basket weave work with wide strips of stainless steel hovering over glass windows. The logo had to flow seamlessly from the stainless stell strips to the glass and back again.

A 2-story blasting tower was constructed to allow workers to blast the steel mesh one section at a time.

The job involved very strict and specific dimensions, but FGD | OSS is no stranger when working with the famous brand. The original Coca-Cola bottle that was built 20 years prior required every curve to adhere to exact proportions.

Project Details

  • Market: Hospitality
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Designer: Jerde


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