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FGD OSS Decorative Glass Sample Box

Decorative Glass Sample Kit Request

Looking for Inspiration?

Our new Decorative Glass Sample Box comes full of 36 glass samples offering you a look at our decorative glass services and patterns.
Explore our etched, laminated, printed, film, and back-painted samples along with antique mirrors and glass whiteboards.

Also included is our new, in-house designed glass patterns you won’t find anywhere else with a new dozen released every 90 days.

Request your sample kit now for your library and we’ll ship it out immediately.
What You Can Expect In Your Sample Kit

  • Etched Glass Patterns
  • Colorful Back-Painted Samples
  • Laminated Wood, Cloth, Film, Stone & Color Films
  • Printed Images and Graphics
  • Glass Films
  • Antique Mirrors
  • Gradients
  • Glass Whiteboards
  • Products and Decorative Glass Brochures

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