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Textured Pattern Glass

Add visual interest and privacy while maintaining light transfer with textured patterned glass

Textured pattern glass offers unique designs and visual interest while offering privacy and light transfer. Textured glass is created by passing semi-molten glass between metal rollers that have a pattern cut into them. This process imprints the pattern into the glass.

One of the oldest forms of glass and textured glass is durable, easy to clean, and scratch and fingerprint resistant. Pattern glass offers many opportunities to create visual interest in a space with various levels of privacy.

Depending on the pattern, textured glass allows you to add visual interest in your space while still offering privacy and light transmission. This makes it ideal for partitions, furniture inserts, shower doors, and barn doors.

Another great feature with textured patterned glass is the ability to pair with other decorative glass services. Backpaint, laminated, mirror back, among other services are all available with patterned glass. This extends the capabilities of textured glass to help you achieve your design vision. In some cases, this also helps you meet construction code, such as safety backed and laminated patterned glass.

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Textured Glass Features

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Thickness: 1/8″ (3mm)

Sheet Size: 24” x 48″

Tight Ribbed Santini

Thickness: 3/16 (5mm)

Sheet Size: 78″ x 96″

Crown Reeded

Thickness: 1/4″ (6mm)

Sheet Size: 72″ x 96″


Thickness: 5/32″

Sheet Size: 72″ x 96″

3/4" Reeded

Thickness: 5/32″ (4mm)

Sheet Size: 60″ x 86″


Thickness: 5/32″ (4mm)

Sheet Size: 72″ x 131″

1/2" Reeded

Thickness: 5/32″ (4mm), 3/16 (5mm), 1/4″ (6mm), 3/8 (10mm)

Sheet Size: 52″ x 84″


Thickness: 5/32″ (4mm)

Sheet Size: 52″ x 84″

Crystal Pebble

Thickness: 5/32″ (4mm)

Sheet Size: 72″ x 84″

1/2" Cross Reeded

Thickness: 5/32″ (4mm)

Sheet Size: 72″ x 131″


Thickness: 5/32 (4mm)

Sheet Size: 52″ x 84″


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