The Decorative Glass and Products Trends of 2018

It’s that time again! End of the year wrap up of all things decorative glass and what kind of year we had at FGD | OSS. Many things shaped up this year across many products and decorative glass products. From showers to antique mirrors, 2018 was a eclectic soup of luxe styles and cutting edge designs across hospitality and corporate environments. Let’s take a look at the decorative glass trends of 2018.

Glass Showers Are Now A Standard Main Attraction

Dominica Glass Shower Enclosure

2018 saw a huge increase in glass showers across all hospitality brands and 2019 is shaping up to be even bigger. If your hotel is still rocking the ole beige bathtub, it may be time to look at glass shower enclosures for your next reno. From the sleek styles of the Dominica and Aruba shower models to the most popular models of the Antigua and Fiji, glass showers are now the standard across most hotel brands. It’s a feature most guests expect and demand in their suites. Our shower models are custom made per project and with our hardware finishes and decorative glass options, the shower visuals are endless. Gradient etched panels, printed images, and custom laminated interlayers is just a starting point for how you can incorporate a glass shower in your next space.

Exclusive Decorative Glass Patterns

2018 Decorative Glass Patterns

Our new exclusive decorative glass patterns, designed in house, became a huge hit at design firms around the country. In fact we are adding even more patterns and collections for 2019 that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

New Sample Kit

2018 saw us reinvent the decorative glass sample kit we supply to A+D’s around the world. Sporting our 36 new samples that show our range of decorative glass services like etching, laminating, back-painting, and printing, we also included a host of our new decorative glass patterns.
2019 will see new mini sample kits and collection exclusive kits going out to designers. We will be offering antique mirror sample boxes, Decorlite back-painted glass kits, along with new collections we introduce along the way.

Low VOC Decorlite Back-Painted Glass

In 2018 we re-introduced our Decorlite back-painted glass. We outfitted our manufacturing facility with all new glass painting equipment like paint mixing, baking, and application process machinery. We now offer over 250k colors, custom color matching, and most importantly; low VOC water based paints. Let’s face it, the environment is something every needs to protect.

Antique Mirrors

Bright White

What a hit antique mirrors have become. In 2018 we saw the largest increase of antique mirror projects we’ve seen in a long time. Antique mirrors have proven themselves to be a perfect option for stylish luxe spaces we see from major resort and hotel brands all the way to the chic cozy spaces we are seeing in boutique brands. Perfect for adding texture and sophistication with a bit of mystery while also playing with daylighting giving your environment a completely new mood.

On to 2019

With all that being said, we look forward to the excitement of 2019 and what it brings to the design world. We’ll see you there with all new products, decorative glass designs and patterns, and cool new glass projects.

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