What is Glass Film? Is it Etched, Textured, or Printed Glass?

I see a lot of people bust out another thousand dollars on new glass for a project because they didn’t know Glass Film existed beyond your average DIY window tint.  Talking with Designers, Architectural Firms, and General Contractors, window film rarely crosses the mind as a time and money saver when you need to alter the appearance of glass.

Case in point; an office was getting a little face lift in downtown Atlanta on the 6th floor of some ritzy high rise. They had floor to ceiling glass wall partitions that made up the offices and they were to be frosted whilst some of the glass remained clear via a pattern. The A+D spec’d for a total glass replacement with sandblasted frost and designs, the GC went along with it. Then they hit a wall, the landlord wouldn’t allow for the glass to be replaced or the current glass to be altered. So what do you do? FGD-OSS was spec’d for the job and quickly suggested Decorative Glass Film. A custom design was printed out and installed on the current glass, money and time was saved, office and landlord were happy!

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So What is Glass Film?

While most people know, or quickly find out, that Glass Film comes in a wealth of patterns by companies such as 3M and DuPont, they rarely realize that some companies like FGD-OSS can actually custom make Glass Films for your project.  Celtic knots on a 30% opacity frost? Sure.  Want your new colorful logo on some etched patterns? Ok. It’s really up to you and the designer. After FGD-OSS gets your artwork, they work with you until it’s everything you’ve ever hoped for. Printed, shipped, installed. Best part, it doesn’t alter your glass at all. It simply sticks on. Remove it when you move to a bigger office and get your security deposit back.

Offering the illusion (It’s not magic Michael) of etched glass, with the ability to use full color and custom designs; your culture, business values, and brand ID can all be factored in when you choose Glass Film. Granted, you can also do this (sometimes with better results) with etched glass paired with back-painting or printed glass, but the price will go up.  The only downside is that Glass Film doesn’t pair with LED Edge Lit Glass as well as Etched or Cast-Carved Glass.

So when you are renting or leasing a space and you can’t replace or physically alter the architectural glass, Custom Glass Film is the only way to go.

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