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Explore barn door handles, pulls, sliders and tracks, hardware finish options and what hardware will work best for you.

Barn door hardware is like jewelry for your barn door. Offered in hundreds of styles and dozens of finishes, finding and choosing the barn door hardware that matches your aesthetic can be daunting.
Finding the right supplier is paramount. Someone there to answer all of your questions and help ensure the barn door hardware fits your door opening and barn door panel, hardware finishes match, and avoid further pitfalls throughout the planning, buying, and installing process.

Let’s walk through the world of barn door hardware and answer these questions and more!

Design Your Barn Door

Mix and match all of our barn door panels, hardware styles, and decorative glass options to create a unique, one-of-a-kind barn door perfect for your next project!

Types of Barn Door Hardware

In terms of barn door mounting hardware, or sliders, you have a variety of options to choose from. The classic face mount that attaches to your barn door panel and top mounted, which is mounted to the top facing edge of your barn door. One is not better than the other and both perform the same. It’s up to you which looks better for your particular case and type of barn door panel.

With that said, that only applies to wood barn door panels. Glass barn door panels have their own style of hardware and the hardware kits for both panels are not interchangeable as wood barn door hardware is attached with screws either at the top or through the face. Glass barn door hardware fits through openings in the glass via posts and on the back, mounts are screwed on the posts to secure the glass barn door panel. All glass hardware is face mounted as the glass panels are not thick enough to install top mounted hardware.

Round Bar Glass Barn Door Mount

Glass Barn Door Slider

Barn Door Sliders and Tracks

Sliders, the part that rolls along the track, come in as many designs as you can imagine. From low profile sleek designs, to common rustic styles. Finding one you like can be overwhelming, but with barn doors being such a large feature piece in a room, lean towards less is more. We have hand selected the most popular designs across a range of styles from modern to classic.

The track the sliders roll across come in mainly two variants, flat bar and round bar. More often than not, barn door hardware kits come with a flat bar track. Glass barn doors usually have a round bar track.

Your track length should be double the width of the door opening plus another 6″. That will be your minimum track length. You can go wider if it’s aesthetically pleasing or more functional for your instance. This is a great rule of thumb to ensure you have enough room for your barn door to operate. Make sure nothing is in the path or area within that length to avoid the barn door making contact.

various black barn door handles

Barn Door Pulls & Handles

Barn door handles and pulls come in so many options, you’ll be hard pressed to find just one you like. Luckily for you, we’ve created a list of the most common handles that fit any style and environment. From rustic to classic and modern styles. What’s more, all of our handles match and work seamlessly with our barn door sliders and mounting hardware.

Barn door handles come in a couple varieties, mainly pulls and handle styles. Handles are exactly what they sound like. A pull or inset handle is an indent in the door. This keeps the face of the door panel flush. Perfect for the back of a barn door to ensure it can slide in front of a wall with out the handle making contact.

barn door hardware finishes

Barn Door Hardware Finishes

All barn door hardware is offered in a range of hardware finishes. From polished stainless steel, to chrome, to brushed nickel to flat black. Every supplier offers the most common finishes, but you’ll be hard pressed to have finishes match between various suppliers. So when you do purchase your barn door hardware, ensure you’re buying everything you need from the same supplier to ensure fit and finish.

Explore Our Barn Doors From Panels to Hardware and Custom Options

Browse through our collection of various barn door panels from full glass to wood with glass insets. Explore decorative glass options to pair with your barn door before polishing it all off with our library of barn door hardware.



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