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Glass Shower Doors

Glass showers that offer high-end function and appearance with modern and classic Glass Shower Door designs

We offer glass shower doors in a large variety of layouts and options to best suit your needs and space.

At FGD Glass Solutions pride ourselves on serving the hospitality design community with a variety of glass shower doors. From bulk turnkey projects needing hundreds of units to boutique hotels, condos, and multi-family projects requiring custom, smaller orders, we are capable of meeting your design and project needs.

Featuring modern and classic glass shower models, custom decorative glass and adjustable sizing, shower layout, and glass thickness based on your glass shower door and project needs.

For those seeking a pure one-of-a-kind shower, our design services can help you create a bespoke, custom glass shower unique to your brand or design.

Glass Shower Door Features & Information​

Frameless glass shower doors

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

One of the most desired looks in high end hotels and homes, the frameless glass shower door systems feature either a fixed panel with a single sliding or pivot door or dual by-pass sliding doors. The frameless design features exposed hardware and clearer sight lines with no bulky borders of metal surrounding your glass shower.

Single Sliding Glass Shower Door

Single Sliding Glass Shower Doors​

Single sliding glass shower doors feature a fixed panel on side with a sliding door on the other. When opened, the sliding door slides in front of the fixed panel. In a standard single shower door layout, the shower head is often times behind the fixed glass panel.

Dual By-Pass Glass Shower Doors

Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Doors​

Semi-frameless glass shower doors have been around for a while and consist of an aluminum frame that surrounds the glass shower doors along the border of the shower opening. The sliding mechanisms are stored within the metal header, unlike framless glass shower doors that have exposed rollers on a bar. Semi-framless glass shower doors can be either sliding, dual by-pass sliding, or pivot. The metal frame is often offered in various finishes and materials.

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Dual By-Pass Glass Shower Doors​

Dual By-Pass Shower Doors are essentially two independent sliding shower doors. They are able to function independently from each other and by-pass leaving only a small gap between them. This is perfect for projects where the shower head may appear on any side of the shower when installing in hotels and also leaves door preference up to the guest.

Decorative Glass Shower Doors

Decorative Glass Shower Doors​

All of our glass shower doors are compatible with any of our decorative glass services. From fully frosted glass shower doors to incorporating etched privacy bands. We even offer laminated glass with custom printed interlayers.

Pivot Glass Shower Doors

Pivot or Hinged Glass Shower Doors​

Pivot or hinged glass showers are one of the most common types of glass showers on the market. Great for spaces that are not wide enough to have a proper opening for a sliding shower or can be paired with a fixed panel for wider openings. Pivot showers can be opened both inward and outward.

Glass Showers FAQ

Our favorite way to clean glass shower doors is to mix equal parts white vinegar and a dish soap that has a grease fighting property. Simply spray the door down with your handy solution and let it sit about half an hour before using a cloth to clean the surface. When you’re done, you can wipe glass shower panels down with a window cleaner.

Now that you’ve cleaned your glass shower doors, let’s keep them that way. One handy trick that anyone with a glass shower should use is a squeegee. ALWAYS squeegee your glass shower panels after taking a shower, washing the dog, or having a water fight with the detachable shower head before work with your significant other (true story).

Shower Features

In addition to selecting the right shape of the shower door to fit your project’s bathroom space, you will be faced with the following options:

DecoShield For Glass Shower Doors

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Ensure you ask for DecoShield for your glass showers. Keep your glass shower doors free from stains, soap scum, and grime with our DecoShield for glass showers.

Our DecoShield will repel water from your glass shower doors and reduce build-up. Go longer between shower cleanings with faster and easier cleanups when you do.

Download Our Glass Shower Lookbook

Introducing stylish glass showers that meets the demands of guests that frequent five star resorts and hotels around the world.

Download our glass shower lookbook and learn about our vast array of glass shower enclosures, decorative glass option , layouts, handles, and hardware finishes.

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