Lighted Mirrors – How They’re Made and Where You Can Use Them

How lit mirrors are made and how to use them

Illuminated mirrors are one of the hottest bathroom accessories of recent times – and for good reasons. Unlike a regular mirror that relies on an overhead light to provide you with a clear reflection of your face, lighted mirrors generate light from within the mirror itself. 

Thus, you can think of lighted bathroom mirrors as a kind of two-in-one product. They show you your reflection, and they provide lighting at the same time

More than that, LED mirrors are also stylish and beautiful. Yes – they add practicality. But their real appeal is their glamour and their ability to transform the mood of your interiors. 

How Lighted Mirrors Are Made

Lighted mirrors look a little magical the first time you see them. Here’s an object that both emits light and shows you your reflection at the same time. It’s a kaleidoscopic experience!

The reality, though, isn’t as complicated as it appears. Fundamentally, LED mirrors are just the merging of two simple technologies: mirrored surfaces and light-emitting diodes. 

There are two types of lighted mirrors manufacturers create. The first is perhaps the most intuitive and involves fitting strips of LED lights to angled mirror frames before covering them with a diffuser. When users turn the mirror on, the LEDs begin pumping out light at an angle towards the mirrored surface – like how they do in department store changing rooms. 

The second method is similar but involves placing LED lights and diffusers behind the mirror’s outer glass panel. All mirrors rely on two critical components – a polished metal surface and a protective glass covering. Makers of modern LED light mirrors embed lighting and diffusers between the metal and the glass layers, making it appear as if the light is coming from the mirror itself. The effect is slightly cleaner than frame lighting and creates a more minimalist look. 

Lastly, many lit mirrors have etched or frosted borders to diffuse the light. These borders are usually solid frosted, but decorative patterns can also be used. From custom patterns to hotel branding. These options allow you to be creative and think outside the box when incorporating lit mirrors in your project.

Where You Can Use Lighted Mirrors

Just like regular mirrors, LED mirrors are exceptionally versatile, allowing you to use them in multiple locations around your home. But where’s best?

On Your Vanity

Putting on makeup in the morning can sometimes feel like a chore. But with vanity lighted mirrors, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be a rewarding and pleasant experience.

Lighted vanity mirrors work in much the same way as regular vanity mirrors, except you get a much better view of your face when putting on makeup. The light is coming from the front, not above, avoiding annoying shadows. 

Who would have thought putting on your mascara in the morning could be so easy?

In Your Bathroom

The most obvious place for illuminated mirrors, of course, is in your bathroom. There’s nothing better when you want to check your pout or remove the last scraps of eyeshadow. It’s excellent for shaving, too, providing you with the perfect view of your mustache and beard, allowing for some super accurate trimming!

In Your Hallway

There’s also a trend towards putting lighted mirrors in the hallway. Full-length mirrors allow you to check yourself out before you head out for a day of work. With them, you can make last-minute adjustments to your outfits or suit, make sure you’ve remembered your tie, and check that your shoes are polished. Remember, the extra light means that you can quickly spot wardrobe malfunctions and sort them out, without waiting for a colleague to tell you once you reach the office. 

On Walls Facing Any Door

LED light mirrors are a great way to create immediate impact whenever you walk into your rooms. You open the door and are immediately presented with a glowing wall piece that draws your attention. This concept works exceptionally well in bedrooms. 

Above The Bed

Most of us are used to staring at plain-painted ceilings before we go to sleep. But have you ever thought about using an illuminated mirror to replace your regular lamp? It’s an unusual idea, but it is also practical and strikingly beautiful, creating an utterly different ambiance in your bedroom. Try it for yourself and see the difference it can make. 

Over Your Fireplace

Finally, placing illuminated mirrors over your fireplace is something else you might like to try, depending on the kind of hearth you have. LED mirrors work particularly well with electric fires that have LED effects of their own. You can also use them as modern foils for traditional fireplaces, but be sure to choose the right pattern and design.

Wherever you choose to place them, lighted mirrors offer a host of opportunities to make your home more attractive and functional. 



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