Soft Light & Reflections With Our Acid Etched Satin Mirrors

Monolithic Satin Mirror Bronze

Many designers add mirrors to their spaces and for good reason. They offer many benefits beyond making sure you look good before stepping out. They enhance lighting in a room, make a space feel bigger and offer a nice feature and focal point.

But what if you could do more with your mirror? How about pairing decorative glass with your mirrors? Let’s take a look at acid etched satin mirrors.

How Satin Mirrors Can Elevate Your Space

Satin mirrors offer all the same benefits as a standard mirror but with much more reserve. Subtle is the keyword with acid etched mirrors. The reflections are soft, and lighting is more subdued. But add a splash of color, literally any color and you have a brand new focal point that add color, a larger sense of space, and light to your design.

Satin Mirror Construction

Satin mirrors have a soft acid etched face and a mirror backing. In short a colored or clear mirror with a acid etched face. The acid etched face softens the light and reflections while the colored mirror offers a pop of color and your focal point.

Satin mirrors come in two flavors. Monolithic and laminated. Monolithic means one piece of glass where laminated is 2 or more pieces of glass stuck together, often with a interlayer. In the case of satin mirrors, the interlayer would be a color film.

Monolithic acid etched satin mirrors come in a variety of colors such as bronze, grey, and clear acid etched glass.  Laminated satin mirrors come in a larger range of colors since the glass fabricator places the color interlayers between the front glass and back mirror and can use any color the client needs. This is great if your design has a particular color palette or you are continuing your branding across multiple surfaces.

Acid Etched Mirrors Offer a Wide Range of Options

When it comes to size, you can think big. Do you want acid etched mirrors to be placed as insets in a pair of closet doors? In an elevator as cladding? Maybe you want floor to ceiling acid etched mirrors behind the bed in a master suite. No worries. Acid etched mirrors come in sizes up to 92″ x 126″ for monolithic and 82″ x 121″ for laminated.

Satin Mirrors Are Durable and Easy to Clean

Satin acid etched mirrors are great in residential areas as well as public spaces. They can even stand up to being outside. Since there is no coating or film on the front, there is nothing to peel off or degrade over time. Also the acid etched front face of the glass panel hides finger prints. Clean up is a breeze and is as easy to clean as standard flat glass. Simply clean with a non-abrasive soap and a thick cloth or sponge. That’s a lot easier than cleaning a glass shower.

Interested in Acid Etched Satin Mirrors?

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