Framed Vs Frameless Glass Shower Doors. Which is Best For You?

Candler Hotel glass shower project

In the world of glass showers, there are 2 variations. Whether you go with a sliding or pivot, or a fixed panel for your bathtub, you’ll eventuall be faced with two options: framed or frameless. What’s the difference and which one is best for you?

First let’s talk about the difference between frameless and framed glass showers in both functionally and in terms of style.
Framed glass showers function exactly like frameless. Be it pivot or sliding. They accomplish the same job.
Where they do differ is what they offer your space visually and there is no right answer.
Frameless showers will give you clean sight lines with nothing cluttering your space with bulky hardware everywhere. Because of this, frameless glass showers have become the favorite among designers and clients.
Framed glass showers on the other hand have a few pro’s also though. When hardware is your thing, framed showers bring the bling.
With a vast library of hardware finishes available for glass showers, framed showers have become the go to. Using a copper hardware to match the the hardware in the rest of the bathroom has become an emerging trend and looks great. Another perk is that framed glass showers are more financially economical.
The decorative glass options, hardware finishes, and handle styles are all shared between both styles of shower.

Best Glass Showers For Small Bathroom Spaces

If your project has a small bathroom be it in a hotel, condo, apartment, or even home renovation, a frameless glass shower will give you more bang for the buck in terms of visuals.
We suggest a sliding frameless glass shower. A sliding glass shower takes up much less space and you do not have to worry about the door swing taking up space or hitting other objects. You no longer have to worry about moving the toilet or vanity.
With the frameless option, your space will look much larger and you do not have to worry about bulky shower hardware clogging up your sightlines.

Sliding Shower Doors Vs Hinged Shower Doors

If you’re in a tight space, sliding doors is the way to go. Especially during renovations where you want to save money by not rerouting plumbing to make space for a pivot shower door.
If you have the space, you can save some cash by going with a pivot door, although clients prefer a sliding shower doors due to their smooth operation, space saving function, and modern style.
Hinged doors, especially frameless pivot glass showers are great and very popular due to their lower cost compared to sliding glass showers counterparts. Pivot glass shower doors work well in a space where you know you have clearance for the door and prefer the function over sliding showers.



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Candler Hotel glass shower project

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